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The Word on the Yard

Dave Suro’s life changed in one night. With a confession to police leading to a five-year prison sentence, Dave shares the stories from his incarcerated life. But this book is about more than Dave. Being a friendly “fish” in prison, he endeared himself to many convicts and citizens alike. From offering chiropractic adjustments to reading letters to illiterate inmates, Dave made a community of every prison he went. Those touched by Dave share their stories of him while talking about their lives in prison. Per Dave’s request, this book stays light hearted without avoiding the inevitable and unjust realities of life in prison. 


The low side of Sterling prison, where Dave spent some of his prison sentence. 

Dave with Brie. Every minute with Brie was a minute of complete freedom. This is a photo Dave mailed to a friend and still hangs on his refrigerator.


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Zoë Jennings is a young writer. She earned journalism and history degrees from Colorado State University. She wrote and edited for the arts and culture desk of the Collegian, the university’s newspaper. She wrote The Word on the Yard: Stories from D.O.C. #166054. She is now a freelance reporter for Yellow Scene Magazine in Boulder County. She is a firm believer that everyone has a story.  

Photo by Taylor Bennett

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